Blepharoplasty – Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects swollen and drooping eyelids by removing excess fat deposits around the eye area. Since ptosis can cause vision problems, this surgery has a functional purpose that also serves in addition to its cosmetic purpose. Consult a trusted plastic surgeon for complete details about this plastic surgery and whether you are a candidate for it.

Eyelid surgery is very much in demand after the cosmetic procedure, it not only removes unwanted fat deposits and excess skin Apart from repositioning the eyebrows, it also helps in strengthening the tendons of the surrounding muscles. Before we proceed to discussing who is the ideal candidate for this surgery, let’s see what the procedure entails.

How is eyelid surgery performed?

One or more small incisions will be made along the natural lines of the eyelids. These can be either on the lower eyelid or the upper eyelid depending on individual requirements. The next step is to remove the excess fat deposits. The final part of the surgery involves closing the incisions with fine sutures. The entire procedure takes about an hour or two to complete.

Small sterile dressings are placed on the affected area after surgery. The surgeon will prescribe eye drops, pain relievers, and ointments required during the healing period. In most cases, the stitches are removed two days after surgery. The result of a blepharoplasty may differ from patient to patient according to skin type, health condition and age.

The ideal candidate for the surgical procedure

Eyelid surgery is usually performed on adults who have healthy facial tissues and muscles. The patient’s physical and emotional fitness is another important factor to consider when performing a blepharoplasty. Surgery, whether upper or lower eyelid surgery, is recommended for the following people:

Individuals from the age of 30 years and over
People who are in good health and do not have a serious medical history or clinical conditions
Those who have realistic and optimistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery
Those who do not have heart problems or any kind of serious eye disease
When considering a blepharoplasty, consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Understanding the pros and cons of the procedure is very important. Ensure that you choose the right plastic surgeon who has sufficient experience in performing the surgery. You can always request before and after photos of the surgeon’s past patients. These are ideal to give you an idea of ​​the skills of a surgeon.