The nose is a very important aspect of your face, it is in a central location and prominently visible, and unlike other facial features, no type of glasses, makeup or hairstyle can hide it. Nose asymmetry can be a major concern, as it has a negative effect on the overall appearance of the face. You may also become completely shy about the look of your nose. The good news is that nasal asymmetry can now be easily corrected with rhinoplasty. This is provided at select plastic surgery centers in the United States by reputable plastic surgeons.

Rhinoplasty – a new look for you

A rhinoplasty or nose surgery can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your face. This surgical procedure can help reshape your nose successfully, either by making it smaller or augmenting it. Rhinoplasty can also help change the appearance of the tip or bridge of the nose, improving your appearance again. It is a complex procedure that requires a surgeon to balance shape and function to provide an attractive and fully functional nose. Modern rhinoplasty is based on the principle of reshaping the nose brace, thus achieving the expected aesthetic appearance.

Rhinoplasty – obtaining the desired shape of the nose

The primary goal of this procedure is the nose, harmoniously matching with other facial features and working properly. Your surgeon may choose to perform an open or closed rhinoplasty procedure depending on your requirements.
Although a nose job can help achieve the goal of correcting proportions and establishing balance for the face, results may not be exactly the same as desired. The result can be further improved by enlarging the jaw, cheek and chin with implants.